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Sunday, May 27, 2007

aku terkunci di luar..... grrrrr!!!

-aku terpaksa merempat smlm kerana terkunci di luar.
-wallet dgn segala kunci (termasuk kunci kereta) tertinggal di dalam rumah.
- rasa tension yg teramat sangat.
- kunci spare ada dgn kakak aku yg berada di London.
- satu lagi kunci spare ada dgn bapak aku di Kota Bharu.

Idea2 yg keluar utk mengatasi masalah ini
1. balik ke kelantan, duplicate kunci dan balik semula ke kl.
2. pecahkan mangga dan pecahkan pintu.
3. mintak bapak aku courier kunci spare and amik MC ari Isnin.
4. panggil 'lock master'.

aku choose option no 4 and it cost me RM180. RM70 utk buka satu kunci, RM70 x 2 (mangga dan kunci pintu) + RM30 (service charge... damnn!!). Anyway aku gembira sebab mangga dan tombol pintu tidak rosak dan aku rasa kagum jugak ada org boleh bukak pintu mcam tu, sebijik macam dlm cerita Hollywood.

si Lock Master tu berjaya bukak pintu rumah aku dlm masa 10 minit!!

jadi kepada sesiapa yg terkunci di luar, silalah telefon Lock Master ini utk mendapatkan perkhidmatannya 0163857580.

*ini bukan bertujuan mempromosikan Lock Master ini, tapi sekadar membantu sesiapa yg akan bernasib malang!

Monday, May 21, 2007



best shot out of 500 shots.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lok Ching

i arrived home from work at 6.45. it was after i had a glass of teh tarik with Akhmal at Pelita Jln Ampang. i had no mood to work, holiday syndrome still in the air. there was meeting in the morning and it went very well, on the afternoon there was some briefing about Flexible Work Hours. it was a good session, letting us (the employees) knows what constitute the flexi hours and what not. although it seems that all the examples focus more on those with families issues, hey what about a single person, don't they also have issue??

anyway, when i reached my apartment, i saw this old man selling something on the back of his kapchai. at first i thought he was ice cream or rojak peddler, but as i approached him, i smelled a sensation that i had missed for a long long time. it smells like a barbeque but not quite the same, a little more like ikan bakar but with more aromatic feeling. the smell of the item and the charcoal burning, bring me back to the good old time of my childhood.

it was a very famous snack for kids in Kelantan. i couldn't find this thing at any other areas, maybe it wasn't sold there or maybe i didn't looked enough. but today its here in KL. this thing is called Lok Ching.

funny names but don't ask me how did it get the name. as far as i'm concern everyone in Kelantan called it Lok Ching.

It come with two flavor of sauces, pedas and manis. normally people would just mixed it and called campur. just like McD ice cream, the choc and the vanilla.

here is the photo of Lok Ching or whatever name your call it out there. :D

me now flickr compatible

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pukul gambar = dialect used by kelantanese, which means snap photos.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sunset at Tanjung Harapan, Klang

1/80s | f/5.6 | ISO 200 | 50mm
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Genting....proving ground for my D80

Menuju ke puncak kejayaan versi 1.

"adik, belajar rajin2 ye, besar nanti jgn jadi
penari macam kakak."

Extreme French Kiss.


Silver lining.


Very satisfied with the bokeh.

The Alien has landed.

Menuju puncak kejayaan versi 2.

Keto lipang.

I've been thinking whether it is good ideas to upload my photos here in the blogs. I noticed that the blog always attempt to load everything when the page start, and i have more photos here, the lagging will be significant and the viewer will be frustrated.

Maybe i should look at other dedicated photo sharing websites like flickr or photopages.

hmmmm....... good ideas though.