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Friday, January 13, 2006

Men and Women

Women alwiz remember. They remember how many time you lied to them, what you have done wrong, what they have tell you before. So guys beware of this memory hunger creatures.

Women hate when you forget. They really pissed off if you forgets statistic bout them. Their birthdate, sweet things you have told them, how many siblings they have, where they stay, etc.

Men cherish everything that they do. Thats why men always keep their ol shirts, jeans, shoes, toys, photos. They will relate these memorabilia with event in their life.

Men always think before they act/say as this will have consequences in their future. Since they always cherish everything that they did, they become more cautious in their action. I notice that women can say all the sweets things, promise all the best hope when they in love and simply denied and forget it when they break up. It was like they live segment by segment.

me, irc and regina^

In 99/00 i was actively involves with IRC chatting. Addicted one might say. So there i met this ghurl with nick regina^. She is a kazen to my utp mate. Every night (after 12 is my fav time) if we met, we will chat with each other. I will miss her is shes not around.

It has been going on until one time, she stop chatting and then i stop (i dont even remember when was i gave up chatting). Even so, we still keep in touch through email... On and Off. We exchange stories and updates about each other. Even when i started working in IRIS and she took her Masters we still keep in touch.

Like i said, it an On and Off affairs. Cut story short, i met her couz a few month ago and she suggest i text regina^. I was thinking "ya...why not". From there we started exchange msg until last night i took another steps by calling her. I was kinda afraid (yes i'm afraid) how its gonna go. In the end i spend 3 hours talking to her.

We doesn't sounds like stranger AT ALL. We talk bout a lot of things, past and present. From IRC to email to SMS to Phone. If you ask me whether i feel weird knowing somebody for 5 plus years w/o ever meeting them, i would say not at all infact i feel comfortable with it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boo Hoo Clapping Songs

I walk alone i'm lonely
Why should we hear your problems
I sit at home i'm crying
Don't wanna know we don't care
My baby gone she left me
Suit you right boy we know it
My world's gone wrong please help me
We have no time no beat it

And everyday we share our dream
And everynight we laugh at thing

Now you don't care
Now you don't feel

So many friends now where they've been
Now you tell me??

Music/Lyric: Joe Kidd

How true is this song could be. Every words reflect the true feeling i felt. A couple years ago i was surrounded with bunch of friends, now... its completely different stories. I can see one by one left me? or is it i'm left behind? tumpat, nad, sudin, abah, piye, kimi, azhar, ijat....those were the days, i cheerish every single moments of it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

1 week of nothing.... is it

i took my annual leave from 28th Dec till 30th Dec, total of 4 days, but i'm outta office for about 10 freaking days. Yup i'm workless for 10 big day.

but what the hell did i do?? the usual my fav workout... sleep zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ

p/s: shite my tummy is getting bigger.

I'm not OK

i'm dissapointed again with TMNet + Telekom. My house still couldn't be hooked up with streamyx WTF!!

instead of banging my head to the doors, i'll will act this time. i'm not goin to keep this trauma to myself, i'll speak up..

actually i have already spoken out... go to and file your complaint. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCES.

What will you bring to 2006?

Happy New Year to all the readers (are there one?).
Is it just another second passing by,
Is it just another minute passing by,
Is it just another hour passing by,
Is it just another day passing by,
Is it just another week passing by,
Is it just another month passing by,
Or it is just another year passing by........