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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tribute to Payeik

My bestest friend, Payeik. A friend who i met 24 years ago at Tadika Raja Dewa and remain my best friend till today is going to puts an end to his bachelor days in a week time.

At this time, he still hanging out at my place. Talking on his handphone with his fiance (i hope...gagagaga). He always spend his time here, besides helping to finish my leftover foods and chocs on my fridge he also help to mess my already messed house, 'pow' my ciggy and of course hijacked my pc. Despite that i still enjoy his company.

Anyway, next Wednesday is his Akad Nikah ceremony and i'll be there. Of course life will be different after that, i'm sure i'm gonna see 'less' of him over here, although he is also not sure about it.... hehhehe funny.

"Here is a toast to Payeik, one of the last bachelor (besides me) who are brave enough to cross over to marriagedom....cheers"

The Happenings

My last posting is during Hari Raya Raya. Which was month ago. We are now in Zulkaedah.If youre wondering about Islamic Calendar, go here to learn more.

My wedding preparations hits fifth gear now. Invitation card is ready, guest list need to be updated, baju melayu has been sent to tailor, bekas telur is being finalized, those for guest in kelantan is ready, wedding ring bought already, couple of hantaran items has been surveyed-waiting for year end sale for bargain, i have carry forward 2 days of annual leave, kursus kahwin-blocked in my calendar, and so on....

There are still tonne of things to do and i need the adrenaline rush in my blood vein. Yeah, like when youre trying to complete your Final Year Project on the last day. I miss that feeling...:D

Anyway, i've put a clock countdown to my akad nikah on the sidebar. At leat it can remind me (and also you all) on my wedding date.

Remember the following date, block your calendar, i hope to see you there.

Akad Nikah - Friday 30th Jan 09
Yana's Reception - Saturday 31st Jan 09
My Reception - Monday 2nd Feb 09