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Friday, April 20, 2007

I once had a dream

I had a dream
It was a long time ago
I type it down on this blog

Day after day
Month after month
Its still a dream that never faded from my senses

Not until today
Dream has become reality
I hold it in my hand
I squeeze it gently
I command it with my will

I'm happy

My view will never be the same again.... D80

*first series with this camera

underladder in cherating

geng2 underladder went to Cherating 2 weeks ago, on their first group vacation after we all graduate from UTP. It was a very fun reunion, just like when we use to lepak bawah tangga (hence come the name underladder).

Some photos from the trip, with my loyal Sony W5 (perhaps the last series i took with this point and shoot camera)!!

Official emblem on the t-shirt

Tungkai during sporting event

Endangered species found on the beach

Life on the sand

"peruk sapo paling kepeh?"

cikgu besar sekoloh menengah kerteh 1

Farid's family minus 'endangered species'

Wedding Ayie

"apa pegang2.."

LordNabil with his D80 in action
lepas ni aku pun buleh buat)

Telur separuh masak 2 + roti bakar 1 set + kopi susu = kaww!!

"uh uh nate sedakk nyo"

Brokeback Mountain part II

Tarian Tepi Pantai part I

Tarian Tepi Pantai part II

Monday, April 09, 2007

Colors of F1

McLaren Mercedes bus....kewll.

Toyotas guy.

Red Hot!!

Another Red Hot with prancing horse.

Could this be the next champion's machine?

Takuma's ex girlfriend.

Picnic under Sepang blazing hot sun.

Cute amois..

The slowest vehicle on the circuit.

RM4++ for those....crazy?

"i enjoyed this view".

Once a controversial projects..

I admire the architecture.

Spyker F1 Team??

Opps.... need to adjust my tops.

"i can only afford this Ferrari".

The firt 'Blue Hottie'.

Synchronize walking.

Ferrari on thin red line.