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Thursday, June 28, 2007

aku ingin tidur....

kenapalah aku payah sangat nak tido. maybe sebab caffein intake aku semakin byk lately, nicotine intake pun byk jugak, or maybe sbb aku selalu tertido semasa Buletin Utama keudara.

Damn, mcm ni kul 2.30 ni baru boleh tido ni.... otak aku dah rasa jemm ni.....arghhh. Mana nak dapat pil tido huh? kena amil preskripsi doc dulu ke?

i wish i could sleep like this ol' man. Anytime, anywhere.... so peaceful

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Undone - Sweater Song

Lyric from Weezer Undone-Sweater Song one of 'the best' songs in the world (at least for me!!). Pic taken at Akarkarya Jam Studio, Uptown during my frens jam session.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Golf Fraser Hill - continue

i promised to upload photos of my outings at Fraser Hills as soon as i got back, but it didn't materialised, get used to it!!

Anyway 2 weeks later, here is the shots.

up up and away....

golfer with cucur.

Entrance to the club.

flora in Fraser Hills

Note: the conditions of the pitch on the game day, wasn't that good. It rains a day before and also during the game. All players complaint they lost a good number of balls. I finished the game with only 1 ball left....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Golf at Fraser Hill

I'm waking up damn early for a Sunday Morning Standard. 6am!!

me and couple of office mates have a plan for a golf round at Fraser Hill. Gonna kill birds with two stone today, playing golf and of course taking a good photos.

wait for my results this evening.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

graduation, a make or break point

i chat with my friend tonite, a girl. i asked her why did she break up with her previous boyfriend? her sincere answers, validate all the thought that i had or been discussing with Taki and other friends, that some girl will find a new love when they graduate.

Graduation is a make or break point in their relationship. If they make it they will end up married and if they not, you know what happens.

There are lot of cases where the relationship end up in jinjang pelamin, take for example Ilin and Tong, Che We and Ana ( or is it Ani) (a couple from secondary school.....lotta respect from me) plus many other couples.

In fact, may did break up just before-during-after graduation. One good example would be Tumpaq and his beloved girl friend Afdzan. An exemplary couple which the rest of the world would expect to be together forever. Another heart broken case maybe related to Jiman and his girl friend. Mat Prot and Tini, plus many others.

I would know what caused their split, and i may never know. One of the reason given my correspondent during the chat was, they couple because it was the 'in' thing at that time. Their friends are all having couple, so why not? The love is real. Oh well at least at that time, you know women feelings is one at a second, don't ya?

After graduate, it was a different world. Trust me. Your point of view change. You grew up. You see things differently. So do their feelings. They won't be much peer pressure at this time, coz youre spending less 'social' time with your friends. If youre working (which i expect all middle and low class ppl will do), you're gonna spend half of your days in the office, quater of it to socialize or for yourself, quarter of it stuck in traffic jams/LRT and the rest of it to sleep. With this kind of life, youre kind of making your own decisions and starts to evaluate things and making your own decision.

She also mentioned that she is looking for an older (read mature) guys. Scientifically we know that men maturity is 4-5 years behind women. The maturity wavelength between 22 year old women and men are totally different. I'm not saying that same age marriage won't work, it did, it just need adjustment on both sides. Even our old folks also advise us (men) to find a bride a few years younger than us. This recipe has been around since the beginning of time.

This girl confess to me that she is looking for The One. I joked with her, that The One only exist in The Matrix.....hahhahah..Well, i pray that she gonna find her man soon. I'm praying for mine too... :D (my woman yahhh)