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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

6 Days of Fasting lead to One Year of Fasting

Ramadhan have passed. Gone were the month full of blessing and virtue. To those who make full of Ramadhan may Allah pay him handsomely and those who fail may he have a chances to meet another ramadhan.

Now in Syawal, Allah gave us another changes to score big in our ibadah. 6 days of fasting will be rewarded with pahala the same as you fast for 1 year!! I can't imagine anyone in this world nowdays will be able to fast for one year and here Allah gave us the chance for it. What we only need to do is to fast for 6 days in Syawal (provided we didn't miss any puasa in Ramadhan).

The calculation will be simple 30 days in ramadahan plus 6 days in Syawal = 36 X 10 = 360 days! I already did for 4 days (incl today) and 2 more days to go. Well i pray to got i would get the virtue of fasting for 1 year. How simple Islam is.

Hari Raya


Hari Raya had passed for about 3 weeks. This year i can say it is a completely different raya for me and my family, first we had a new member in. Badrishiah Qaisara (i think i get spelling right) my nephew. All the spotlight goes to this cute lil girl, when our relatives coming they all wanted to see her and imagine the ang pow that she got, which goes (ultimately will be channel to my brother). I enjoy playing with her, she even start to mumbling her baby language, maybe out of curiosity when meeting all new faces.

I can that she is kinda sporting type of baby. She will go to anyone who wants to 'dukung' her, especially men!! She like me and my father but she'll cry out loud when my mon tried to take her...funny.

Secondly, there are not much of friend gathering anymore because some of them were married and celebrating first raya at their wife houses. This include Irfan, Roche and Sede. Next year more will follow suit. Usually on raya eve, we (me, peja, payeik, miji, che we, miji, sede, jimi and roche) will hang out together, lepak until 2-3 o'clock before heading home. Those were the days. I don't even got chances to met Miji aka 'Abe Chik' and roche ....too bad.

As my friends drifting on their own ways, i ponder on my own plan. When the hell i'm gettin married??? Demmit i don't even have a girl friend, gotta make my move or else i'll be left behind.