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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Court Has Spoken

The High Court has ruled out YB Nizar is the legitimate MB of Perak. Zambry and all his illegal exco can pack up their stuff and move out from Bagunan Perak Darul Ridzuan ASAP (read now), this is because the court has also ruled out their request for 'stay pending appeal'. If he is still in the office tomorrow, he is trespassing a government (PR) property and also contempt of court.

This is another classic example of case 'senjata makan tuan'. I'm puzzled how did all the 'intelligent' UMNO conspirators could overlook the plan and not studied thoroughly 'Undang2 Tubuh Perak'. They are so anxious to overtake the government once they have successfully 'convert' the 3 stooges. They forget to analyze the requirements of removing present MB from the office. This is the reason why Nizar won. He had never resigned, remember his 'Patik Mohon Derhaka' request to the Sultan of Perak. He doesn't wan't to resign, and no one can removed him except the State Assembly.

I always have a high respect to the Royal House, and i strongly believed in the motto 'Raja Payung Rakyat'. Yes, i also agreed with Raja Nazrin comments, Royal Institution is aboved politic, having said so, let the people of Perak decides their government. Let it be another elections if it is the best way to decide.

Stop giving excuse elections cost money. Of course it does, so do the PKFTZ, National Services, F1, National Broadband Project, etc, etc. Why afraid to invest on rakyat's rights???