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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An encounter @ Jackel

I went to Jackel two weeks ago. It is one of the biggest textile stores along Jalan Masjid India, on the same league with Alinas, Nogaya and Kamdar. Its a 4 storey storey stores with range of fabric, from as cheap as 3 Ringgit per meter to as expensive as 5 hundred ringgit per meter. Believed it!!

Anyway, i went there to get a French Lace cloth for my wedding 'hantaran'. As a men, i thought there are only two type of fabric, cotton and wool...but i was dead wrong, there are thousand(exaggerate) of them; like chiffon,silk, cashmere, lace, linen, velvet, satin,etc... phewww!! this shopping outing did thought me something about fabric.

Anyway again, as i was standing tired and sort of bored, trying to give full attention to my bride to be, testing the variety of fabric for her wedding dress, i noticed a man staring at me. At first glance, i thought it was somebody i knew, someone who i haven't met since 1994, my classmate at SMIP. Asmadi.

But, i may be wrong, and i brush that thought aside and keep trying to give attention to my fiance. Only then, that guy started to chat with my father (who happen to come with us for the shopping trip); who was also the headmaster at the school; i'm confident yes, it is Asmadi.

Oh my God, after all these years, i met him at this store doing the same thing; buying cloth for his bride to be. He looked a lil bit different although one thing remain the same from the good ol' days....his sideburn. This guy hail from Pasir Mas, he and another classmate Adrian Teh Aik Meng a.k.a Tokey are the two person responsible for introducing me to grunge music. Asmadi (Madi) was a hardcore fan of Nirvana and Tokey was a hardcore fan of Pearl Jam. I still remember both of them arguing in the class, which one among the two was the king of grunge.

I'm thrilled, excited and happy to find my old long lost friend. I still joked and laugh like we were kids. I exchanged phone no with him and promise to contact him...i hope i do, though i always failed.

I congratulate him before i depart and wish him all the best. He replied the same for me.

Walking out of the store, my mind keep thinking what have become of Tokey, Baker, Mat Le, Miji Che Min and my other SMIP-mates. I wish all the best to all of them!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

intimate relationship with iPod

I just had a new toy. An iPod Touch to be exact. Yes....envy me guys, I'm holding one of d coolest gadget in the world after iPhone. Thanks to my beloved sista who sold this stuff at steal price....hahaha. She got it for free kay.

This is a superb devices, full stop. Those guys at Cupertino really knows how to design keel stuff. "yo guys at Redmond llisten up". I was drooling over iPod for a long long time ago, but the holes in my pocket preventing me frm get hold on it. Month ago before I had this ipod, I purchase an ipod nano BUT not for me, its for my luv's birthday. Beli utk awek dulu tu. So when I got d offer frm my sista,I just can't resist it no more.

Btw I'm blogging with my iPod now. Muahahahaha