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Sunday, January 21, 2007

pc resurrection

> Hi Y'all
> Since my died a few weeks ago, i was kind of
> cripple. Although there is always silver lining
> after every storm. I do met with new tools that now
> to be my liking, named Slax .
> I'll wrote the whole affairs with slax on my next
> post.
> Anyway, i'm kind of dissapointed with the mobo that
> i bought in lelong. Actually there is only 1 part
> that dissapoint me...It doeesn't have an AGP slot
> for my Graphic Card. I was expecting that the
> built-in VGA should suit my needs, but when the
> videos on The DaVinci Code start to jerking and the
> CPU usage spike up to 100%, i realize this build in
> thing is not up to my standard...DAMN.
> ----- Message truncated -----

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

a pinkish wedding

"hi saya naiza...........................................hi saya taqi"

Finally after couple of weeks this entries is pending in my head, i managed to publish it.

Taqi and Naiza seen here on 23rd Dec 2006 during Naiza's receptions. I congratulate both em' and wishing them a happy live ever after.

This entry is made possible by Dell D610 (co. notebook) running on Ubuntu Linux LiveCD 4.10 Warthy Warthog Release.

Picture taken using Sony W5, ISO 100, f5.6, auto wb. Edited using The Gimp 2.0.

it feels good to WIN

hahaha..... i just won myself an AMD Socket A motherboard at lelong. This is the first time i won a bid, and the emotion was full with ecstasy. As you can see the heat of biding only started at the last 10 minutes before the dateline. Its between me and another bidder. Thank god i win.

Yup, this board will be use to bring my computer to LIFE my computer, rember the post RIP My Luv.

I've been 'disabled' evern since she was dead. Hopefully with this new board, she will come to life again. Unless there is another problems.

Anyway to kancil07 i hope you understand that i need this board badly, hopefully you can find another one that suit you.... :D