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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Horoscope O' Horoscope

Friendster Horoscope for December 27, 2007

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)[?]


The Bottom Line

It is not an easy day to work on self discipline. Too much temptation is coming!

In Detail

Self discipline is not an easy thing to achieve. Especially now, when so many different ideas and opportunities are tempting you to scatter your energies. Think of these temptations as tests of your willpower. There's a direct connection between refusing something you know is not good for you, and welcoming something that is good for you. You know the right things to avoid, so avoid them. This may require a last minute revision of your social plans.

postscript: please take note i do not believed in deciding your life based on horoscope reading, but i like to read horoscope at the end of the day and in most instances what it say is indeed true.... fascinating. Like this one...... so so close to what's happening today. (ilezalzu)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No Title2

"one of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter."
James Earl

Sampai KL

Sampai KL pukul 2.30 pagi tadi setelah bertolak dari KB pada pukul 3 ptg. Ikut jalan Terengganu - LPT. Damn letih gile, lepas berhempas pulak menekan pedal minyak (dengan kadar yg logik) dan bergelut dengan lori, Avanza yg gila babas deras dan dua kelisa yg juga gila babas deras.

Skrg aku dah insomnia tak boleh tido. So buat secawan Vanilla Tea and layan facebook the latest social networking site yg just being bought over by Google (you see the potential??). Benda ni macam friendster (the pioneer of social networking) and myspace, tapi the diff is there thousands of app (customed developed) that can be plug-in to the facebook site.

Facebook is a great place to kill time!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Goin back to KL tomorrow.

Going back to KL tomorrow, after wedding reception at Najimi's house. I'm sure they gonna be a lotta cars tomorrow, as most of KLites return back at the same day. To make matter worse, Kuala Krai - Gua Musang road is still closed and the traveller has to pick either Jeli - Grik road or KB - KT way. Both equally long distances and challenging.

I hope everything going to be ok tomorrow. Pray to God to keep me safe. I'm still online at this wee hours facebooking and chatting with R. Atleast its for a good cause.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i can hear this song in my head

In the garage 1

Time moves slowly in Kelantan

I was back to my homeland Kelatan on Sunday night after a challenging journey, camel-trophy alike road conditions. Thank to God me and Kimi arrived safely. The overall journey took us 10 hours, another record breaking journey during Raya Haji. It is acceptable since we had to detour because the usual road (Gua Musang - Kuala Krai) was blocked by landslides.

I'll spend 1 week plus here to attend three important events, Hari Raya (of course) and two important weddings. One is my cousin(Fariza) from my late mother side and another one is my best friend (Najimi) in MRSM. The previous was held yesterday so it was early of the week and the latter will be held on 25th the last day of my vacations. I have to strech my vacations to fit this two event. Eventually i'll be alone in this house.... :D my parent went to KL to celebrate this festive with other relatives in KL.

Imagine if i can wake up for tomorrow Sembahyang Sunat Hari Raya....hmmmm i wish somebody can gimme a wake up call. I've tau-pau 30 sticks of satay ayam for my ration for the next 2 days, i'm sure a lot of eatery will be close, so prepare the umbrella before its rain.

It is a wet season in Kota Bharu. This city just had 2 waves of flood just before i came back, from the news, they are expecting another wave this Friday. I hope they are wrong. The traffics was very heavy in the city, citing that city dwellers have returned home. On the afternoon i went to Majlis Agama Islam (MAIK) HQ, to get official receipt of zakat pendapatan that i've paid. Seems that the procedure wise is not up to the standard yet, because there are having minor prob location funds transfer my MBB account to their Bank Islam acc thru m2u, but in the end i got the receipt. I'll touch on this story in my future posting.

Wishing all muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. Please be safe during this festives period..... c ya...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Are you....................................

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who are more lucky?

Today i joined a Community Projects, organize by division. It was the second projects in the year and the target was special children from Perstatuan Kanak2 Istimewa Hulu Langat ( and orphans from Yayasan Sunbeams ( The children and us rendezvous at Saloma Bistro for launching ceremonies, lunch and some games before group excursion to Aquaria and KLCC Petrosains. The orphans went to Petrosains and the special children went to Aquaria. The special children suffer from a wide range of physical and mental disabilities including cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, autism, blindness, down syndrome, global developmental delay etc. They come together with their guardians and each of us are assigned a child to take care. The games (or rather call show) in Saloma Bistro was very exciting. It was clearly translated in the face of the children, their guardians and us! Kudos to the 'clown'. I'm not a really hardcore welfare volunteers, or else my weekends will be filled with all sorts of volunteerism works, but i do believed that we all should give some time and money for this minorities. Its just like zakat which is a compulsory tax to those who are eligible, as stated in Quran; And in their wealth and possessions they remembered the beggar and the needy (al-Dhariyat (51): 19).

I salute those who volunteer for their concise mind and hard works for those children. They children may never thank them, but i and millions other Malaysians will.

Looking at the face of this children, i had a mixed emotions. Should i project a gloomy looks to show that i'm sorry for them and their parent, that i understand what they have gone through or should i be cheerful enough to put their misery away and have fun for the day. Well i choose the later.

They children may not remember my name, heck they don't even asked, they don't care who sponsored the project, they will forget where they are, what they did and how much trouble they gave us (the guardians)..... but thats the whole point, its not about us but about them. We are there just to make sure we gave them, let say one of the best day in their life. While at the same time i manage to make new friends in other groups who i never met before, thanks Nikon in my hand. A good ice breaker.

When i looked into their eyes, there is a thought crossed my mind. What would it feel to be in their body? what if i can exchange with one of them, just like Freaky Friday movie. What does it feel to leave all the real-life problems behind, have no or just lil bit emotions, no financial constraint, no love life, no life planning, no stupid assignments, no screams from your boss, no politics and there is always some one to take care of you. Everything is back to basic, eat, sleep and pooh. So who are more lucky those kids or me?

Sunday, December 02, 2007


1. To commit oneself by a promise to do or give; pledge
2. To make a declaration assuring that something will or will not be done.

Everyday we promised, to ourself, to our love one, to god and everyone in between. Sometimes we keep the promise, other time we break it, purposely or not. We give all sorts of excuse to justify the actions although in retrospective we shouldn't promise it at all upfront.

Seems that nowdays people care less about promise, they failed to take a step back and think for a while whether they should promise something. The results is a society who are care free about a promise. They like to hear it, but don't expect it to happen and if it doesn't, they don't really care.

Since it becomes a norm, there is no merit to those who really keep up their promise, cause everyone just don't care. A damned society if i may call it. Though there are still many good people who valued their promised and uphold to it.

Well here i am today, writing this vow right now, so i won't forget what i had promised. "Friendship forever, in good and bad".

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bangkok a Multi Color City

I went to Bangkok 2 weeks ago. It was a business trip cum personal holidays. This is my first time stepping my foot on the Land of Smiles. I and couple of my colleague landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5pm local time. From there we are ferried to Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit which is situated along the famous Sukhumvit Road.

During the journey there was an elephant walking along the highway from the airport, what a scenery. Thais are really nice people, the ordinary girls are very cute, even for a Skyline counter agent (equivalent to our LRT), they always smiles and greet you with that friendly 'Sawadikap' tagline. No wonder tourism contribute 6% to their GDP.

Language could be a 'lil' bit challenging, as long as you don't talk to them with a heavy vocabulary and grammar, they will understand what youre trying to say. Their signboard will all have the equivalent english language, which make travelling from a to b a breeze.

Shopping is a must, when there is a lot of good merchandise to offer; handcraft, woodcraft, clothing, shoes, fruits, etc. One note for tourist, bargain is a must. The first price they offered you can sometimes be 100% more than the price itself. Bargain politely and if you didn't get the price that you want, walk off (sometimes they called you back and agreed). There are a lot of Sikh and Thais Tailor shop, they make really good suit. I couldn't spare myself from buying one.

There are various kind of transportations to choose from; taxi, skytrain, subway, tuk-tuk, bus and even motorcycle. Take taxi if you want to go to airport or during non-peak hours. Make sure they use meter or negotiate the price upfront. From Sheraton to Suan Lum night market shouldn't cost you more than 500 Bath. Skytrain and subway is another convenient way to travel, as long as your destinations are along the train lines. One station cost 15 Bath and so on. Tuk-tuk is the trademark of Thailand, take it with extreme care. The driver sometimes offer your a very cheap price to tour around Bangkok but would end up visiting various merchants; tailor shop, gems shop, travel agent, etc. Negotiate the locations and price upfront. Motorcyle-taxi, distinguished by their orange safety jacket is a good mode of transportation during traffic jam. I saw a 'Mat Salleh' with his big luggage riding a bike. The cost is a lot cheaper then taxi.

Night entertainment are varies. From exotic pole dancer to legal prostitute, Bangkok has everything to offer. Pat-Pong is one of the places where your can find those entertainment BUT beware with con-man and overly charged club. Asked the price with the 'mami' before you drink anything from the club. The more friendly neighborhood would be Nana, although it offer less hardcore entertainment. Massage parlor is everywhere and one should try Thai massage and loosen your stiff muscle. As usual negotiate the price.

Sightseeing at the palace, floating market and buddhist temple also a good idea. Although i miss it.

Beware of pickpocket, keep an address of your hotel and always smile. I think Bangkok is a safe city as long as you have minimal street-smart skills. It was a wonderful experiences and i'm sure i would love to visit Bangkok again.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Q & A

Q: What is the similarity between men and rats?
A: Both keep searching for new holes.
Q: What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period?
A: Your salary, it comes once a month lasts about 5- days and if it doesn't come, it means you are in big trouble.
Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology?
A: When the baby looks like his dad or mom, then it is biology. When the baby looks like the neighbor, then it is sociology.
Q: What's the height of recycling?
A: Sending a sanitary napkin for dry cleaning.
Q: Doctor: You look so weak & exhausted. Are you having 3 meals a day as I have advised?
A: Lady: Doctor, I thought you said 3 males a day.
Q: Girl friend & boy friend go for a movie. In the dark, a mosquito enters the girl's skirt. Guess where it would have bitten?!!!!! !!!!!!!
A: The boy friend's hand.
Q: Tarzan and the animals went to the river to take a bath. Tarzan removed his clothes. All the animals laughed. Tarzan asked "Why"?
A: The animals told him. Your tail is in front".

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Me Myselft and I

Testimonial from a friend.

"It has been nearly eight years since Muhammad Hafiz aka Che Po and I were studying together in university and became close friends. Personally, I think he is a kind-hearted and soft spoken person. I’ve hardly heard him raise his voice or seen him give a negative reaction towards others even when he’s angry or under pressure. He is indeed an easygoing and fun person most of the time.

He is also a motivated, meticulous and analytical team player which has already taken him to his current position as one of the key persons in his organization. I can see that he is also capable of handling events and social activities as by nature he is a sociable, friendly and flexible person.

"As a friend, he can be considered a good listener and very concerned to the well-being of his friends. He loves to listen to music, watch movies and he is quite artistic too. I think he can also become an excellent counselor or lecturer if he really polishes up his soft skills and furthers his studies to a higher level. As for his academic history, he did well in his studies with consistent outstanding results every semester in university that might help to boost his value as an all-rounder.

In my personal view, Hafiz is a bit secretive with his personal life. I do sense that he is not willing to put himself in high-risk situations where things could be vague and uncertain. I guess he prefers a simple and more reserved personal life anyway. But he has gradually improved a lot in certain aspects of leadership skills and self-image. If he ever asks me on what else that he could improve, maybe he could look into how to be more sincere and truthful in whatever he does.

As a good friend of mine, I really cherish the moments and memories we have spent and shared together. I hope he feels the same way too. Thank you for being such a dear friend. Last but not least, I wish him well and every success in his future undertakings."

hmmm ada betul kot. Aku play-safe sgt, a traditionalist, a pro status-quo and median-type person. Good and fair comments to make me a betterman.

Weh skrg dah 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan. Jgn lepaskan peluang memperbanyakkan amalan anda. Grab BONUS 1000 bulan. Kena banyakkan amalan je.....c'mon guys!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Straight Way

Assalamualaikum (May Peace be upon you).
The holy month of Ramadhan in Muslim calendar is here again. Today is the 5th day of fasting for about 1 billion muslim around the world. I'm not a good muslim, i still commit sins, i still listen and follow to evil whisper, but despite all of that i'm thankful that my Father had thought me well when i was a kid. He lay a 'quite' strong foundation of aqidah inside my heart, i knew the good and the bad although sometimes i fall in between.

I remember reading an article on the net, about a muslim family living in non-Islamic countries. It was a lot easier to raise their kids there, because the grey area are not that common. One can easily distinguished between black and white. Not in Malaysia, where a young mind can be easily confused by the non islamic norms adopt by our Malaysian culture. Suffice to say that i've seen the grey area is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. Lets take a simple example of muslim men who is forbid to touch their non-mahram women. When i was a kid, my grand mother and other female relatives always cover their hand with cloth (usually part of their tudung) when they bersalam during Hari Raya. It was a practices back then.

Look what happen now, i think people will labelled it as weird if a women does that. So confusing. I always tried to avoid having a physical contact with non-mahram, although i admit sometimes i'm not strong enough, and i did what is forbid. Look at young couple nowdays, not only they are so intimate to the point of constantly having body contact, but kissing is also becoming a norm and sex before marriage is getting more common. God forbid. I read in the newspaper today on the controversies surrounding Ashraff Sinclair and his Indonesia lover named 'Bunga' (that is a really kewl name), he was caught kissing his girlfriend in Bali and his fans around here start shouting disapproved. His excuse was, they are in love and that what lovers do!!

My close buddies kiss his girlfriend (french kiss), but they only did that in their car, so i guess open kissing is not a norm yet! Maybe we are being feed with too much Hollywood (read Zionis) propaganda, romantic is defined as holding hands, hugging and kissing. That is the template being planted in our fragile mind. In my mind also. So one day i asked my fellow officemate who have move to the righteous path, how/what is relationship (couple) in Islam. His answer totally shocked me, because none has been practices nor observed before.

I'm naive and week. And i'm struggling to live normally on this corrupt society while maintaining my faith. One day those who practice true Islam will be sideline from our society and that what scared me most.

Lets vote to those people who uphold the true meaning Islam and steadfast beside it. :D (election message).

I pray to Allah in this holy month:

In the name of Allah, The most Gracious, The most Merciful,
Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe,
The most Gracious The most Merciful,
King of the Day of the Judgement,
You alone we worship, you alone we ask for help,
Guide us to the straight way,
The way of those whom you have blessed, not of those who have deserved anger, nor of those who stray.

Selamat Berpuasa Everybody.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." - The Declaration of Independence

Happiness is a journey, not destination. You, me and other 6 billion people in this planet are pursuing their own 'happiness'.

Although sometimes i'm confused what 'happiness' do i seek....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm back in Houston for the second time, after the first trip back in 2005. Boarded MAS Airlines flight MH 094 at 0940, that only took off at 1040. I'm gonna be here for about 1 week, returning home on 4th Aug. The whole week, beginning next Monday will be filled with workshops, forums and teambuilding event. Its gonna be fun and exciting.

After took off from KLIA, we landed in Taipei for transit. To my suprised as i was walking towards the exit gate, i heard a loud knocked on a glass wall besides me. I turned around and saw a very familiar face that i haven't met for quite a long time, he is Ulat Master or now known as Captain Hafizan.

He is going to be First Officer on board MAS Airlines bound for LA. The very same flight i'm in. :D well its gonna be a reunion thousand feets above ground. I've spend a few hours with Pijang talking about our lives. Btw, Pijang just got married to a Sabahan and i miss that ceremony. This guy is as the same as he use to be, either back in MRSM or UTP. He speaks in Ganung slangs and me in Kelate slangs. The point that you know someone will determine how you gonna communicate with them, its not gonna change, despite what that person has become. Just before we landed in LA, we chat again before he head off to the cockpit.

Arrive in LAX at about 1.30pm local time. After a long queue for immigration clearance, i was again had to go to Interview Room. I don't know what kind of terrorist traits inside of me, makes them pick me up. There is nothing much happen in the room, as the Custom and Border Protection officer busy checking my data. They asked me several questions like "Where do you works?", "Where you gonna stay in US?", "Give me your home address?", etc. Inside the room together with me, is MAS flight steward. I chatted with him (to kill time), he mentioned that he is also the lucky one. Gonna be pickup everytime he arrived in US. So i guess i'm not alone in this scenario...hahah.

After about 1 hr, the interview ended. I rush out to answer my nature calls that i've been holding for the past one hours....relief. I collect my luggage and rush to Terminal 6 to catch domestic flight to Houston. Luckily the flight that supposed to fly at 4.30pm got delayed to 5pm. Not much rushing for me. Again killing time at terminal 6. Grab Starbuck Mocha Frapuccino and went for smoke.

One good thing about business trip is that, you get the opportunity to fly Business Class....sweet huh. From LAX to IAH (Houston International Airport), i'm boarding Continental airlines in First Class. It took about 4 hours to get to Houston. By the time i arrived its already 10pm. I'm already damn tired by this time. Collect my luggage and went out.

Suddenly a man greet and asked me if i need a cab. This guy is a Palestinian who had been living in Houston for the past 15 years, making a living driving taxi. Anyway his car is not a normal taxi, but a Limo. Ohhh great. His name is Ayser and we chatted a long the way, mostly about our Brotherhood, if you know what i mean.

There are 2 Marriott in uptown Houston, one is Marriott and the other one is JW Marriott. Both are just about 2 miles away. Ayser drove me to the wrong Marriott, i should have stress JW to him. Anyway at about 11pm i'm at the front desk of JW Marriott checking in. My room is 1923, waiting at the lobby for the lift with my totally exhausted and dehyrated body, when the lift door open, i met a very familiar faces. 2 of my colleague from Malaysia are here too, thats great. I'm not gonna be boring this weekend. Gaddafi, Akmal (new hire) and Azrin are going to be my buddies here. :D . We already plan for Hooters outings...

Today (Thursday), i'm resting in my hotel room after the jet lag. Tomorrow i have two meetings to attend to.Till then, stay tune.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

2:00 am

"ure heartless, n u hurt me.
i wish i nvr met u.
cnt blieve i act tot ure worth knowin.
nw ive md my dcision, i'll nvr wanna talk 2u or c u.
im erasin u frm my memory."

can i sleep over that? another terrifying night.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Nak ditelan mati emak, Nak diluah mati bapak

Have you ever been in a condition where you don't have control over it. A question where all the answers doesn't add up. A junction where each road leads to the same junction. Solutions that always wrong no matter how hard you cracked your head to solve it.

It ain't fun and ultimately not something you enjoy or take pleasure doing it eh? In fact it is something that you always try to avoid.

The effect of this situation among others, uncontrolled anxiety, bad insomnia (for someone who always insomnia like me), higher intakes of caffein and nicotine (thank god i'm not a drug addicts, otherwise i might be OD already), listening to melancholy song like Smashing Pumpkin-Disarm, staring at your phone worrying whats the next killer question gonna be and last but not least more pornography ( ok...this one is overrated).

Thats LIFE. Sooner or later you have to face it, no matter how safe you play. I'm now on this hot boiling bowl....again. Maybe i'm totally 'mangkuk', just what i like to call my friend Nik. :D hahah. or maybe i didn't think hard enough to find amicable solution or a better closure. May Allah help me find answers.

Green Day song Basket Case is currently playing on my iTunes, kinda reflecting this whole things in a musically representation. Funny huh.

Anyway here is part of the lyrics that i think, jive with me.

Do you have the time
To listen to me whine
About nothing and everything
All at once
I am one of those
Melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone
No doubt about it

Sometimes I give myself the creeps
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
It all keeps adding up
I think I'm cracking up
Am I just paranoid?
Or I'm just stoned

I hope she sleep well tonight despite all this nonsense drama.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Sun, The Moon and I can't sleep

Tried to sleep but i can't. My brain is still up and running, with all sorts of things flashing in and out. I rolled over many times, trying to find the best positions and still i couldn't find one. I woke up and wen to the kitchen, took a spoon full of Breacol. I'm hoping that codein effect will make me feel drowsy and sleepy.

Wo wo, i'm not an addict.... just i'm just trying to sleep. If you watch Fight Club you know how suffer an insomnia can be. At lest i didn't have my own Tyler... yet.

Can The Sun and The Moon rise/set together?

They complement each other, but they can't be together. Unless its kiamat day.

"Matahari tidak mungkin baginya mengejar bulan, dan malam pula tidak dapat mendahului siang; kerana tiap-tiap satunya beredar terapung-apung di tempat edarannya masing-masing. [Yasin36:40]

Dia bertanya (secara mengejek): "Bilakah datangnya hari kiamat itu?" Maka (jawabnya: Hari Kiamat akan datang) apabila pemandangan menjadi terpendar-pendar (kerana gerun takut), dan bulan hilang cahayanya, Dan matahari serta bulan dihimpunkan bersama.
[al-Qiyamah 75:6-9]

Maybe we complement each other but can't be together

Transformers - a childhood memories?

The hippiest things in town now is definately Transformers movie. A movie based on a cartoon series back in 80's. The cartoon was on the same league as He Man, SilverHawks, MASK, Thundercats, Saber Rider (and the start sheriff), Ghostbuster and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle among others. Those who were born in the 70's and early 80's, will surely recognize all these cartoons, unless you didn't sit infront of tv at 5.30pm. I watched this much anticipated movie, today at Times Square. I miss the beginning parts as i arrive late....demmit.

Besides the title and character's name, watching the movie is a wholly new experienced and not a 'flash back' of the memory of the show at 5.30pm. One thing for sure when a cartoon is brought to the silver screen, the producer/film maker will try to make it as real as possible, whereas a cartoon supposed to be a fantasy. Don't you remember when your mom say "..tu cerita kartun je..." she is trying to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

In the movie, the character looks very complex compared to the original cartoons. If i'm currently a 6 year ol' boy with no prior knowledges of Transformers, then i would say the movie character is Kewll, but since i am me, i prefer the cartoon more!

Anyway, the overall flow of the movie is very good, there are variety of emotions among human and Autobots, the action and weaponary are real, actors and actresses play their roles well, the GCI was fantastic as if your brain may interpret it as REAL and the heroin is simply hot.

I would suggest y'all go and watch this movie. It would be a money worth spend.

The original Optimus Prime. Very Kewll!!

Optimus Prime in the movie adaptation. Not Kewll !!

Remember He-Man, "By the power of the GreySkull, i am He Man"

Thundercats: Lion O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, WillyKit, WillyKat, the charming Snarf and Jaga.

Coming soon to silver screen.

Who can forget MASK.
M : Mobile
A : Armored
S : Strike
K : Kommand

Ghostbuster. Remember Slime?

Saber Rider!


The ever funny Ninja Turle.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

aku ingin tidur....

kenapalah aku payah sangat nak tido. maybe sebab caffein intake aku semakin byk lately, nicotine intake pun byk jugak, or maybe sbb aku selalu tertido semasa Buletin Utama keudara.

Damn, mcm ni kul 2.30 ni baru boleh tido ni.... otak aku dah rasa jemm ni.....arghhh. Mana nak dapat pil tido huh? kena amil preskripsi doc dulu ke?

i wish i could sleep like this ol' man. Anytime, anywhere.... so peaceful

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Undone - Sweater Song

Lyric from Weezer Undone-Sweater Song one of 'the best' songs in the world (at least for me!!). Pic taken at Akarkarya Jam Studio, Uptown during my frens jam session.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Golf Fraser Hill - continue

i promised to upload photos of my outings at Fraser Hills as soon as i got back, but it didn't materialised, get used to it!!

Anyway 2 weeks later, here is the shots.

up up and away....

golfer with cucur.

Entrance to the club.

flora in Fraser Hills

Note: the conditions of the pitch on the game day, wasn't that good. It rains a day before and also during the game. All players complaint they lost a good number of balls. I finished the game with only 1 ball left....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Golf at Fraser Hill

I'm waking up damn early for a Sunday Morning Standard. 6am!!

me and couple of office mates have a plan for a golf round at Fraser Hill. Gonna kill birds with two stone today, playing golf and of course taking a good photos.

wait for my results this evening.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

graduation, a make or break point

i chat with my friend tonite, a girl. i asked her why did she break up with her previous boyfriend? her sincere answers, validate all the thought that i had or been discussing with Taki and other friends, that some girl will find a new love when they graduate.

Graduation is a make or break point in their relationship. If they make it they will end up married and if they not, you know what happens.

There are lot of cases where the relationship end up in jinjang pelamin, take for example Ilin and Tong, Che We and Ana ( or is it Ani) (a couple from secondary school.....lotta respect from me) plus many other couples.

In fact, may did break up just before-during-after graduation. One good example would be Tumpaq and his beloved girl friend Afdzan. An exemplary couple which the rest of the world would expect to be together forever. Another heart broken case maybe related to Jiman and his girl friend. Mat Prot and Tini, plus many others.

I would know what caused their split, and i may never know. One of the reason given my correspondent during the chat was, they couple because it was the 'in' thing at that time. Their friends are all having couple, so why not? The love is real. Oh well at least at that time, you know women feelings is one at a second, don't ya?

After graduate, it was a different world. Trust me. Your point of view change. You grew up. You see things differently. So do their feelings. They won't be much peer pressure at this time, coz youre spending less 'social' time with your friends. If youre working (which i expect all middle and low class ppl will do), you're gonna spend half of your days in the office, quater of it to socialize or for yourself, quarter of it stuck in traffic jams/LRT and the rest of it to sleep. With this kind of life, youre kind of making your own decisions and starts to evaluate things and making your own decision.

She also mentioned that she is looking for an older (read mature) guys. Scientifically we know that men maturity is 4-5 years behind women. The maturity wavelength between 22 year old women and men are totally different. I'm not saying that same age marriage won't work, it did, it just need adjustment on both sides. Even our old folks also advise us (men) to find a bride a few years younger than us. This recipe has been around since the beginning of time.

This girl confess to me that she is looking for The One. I joked with her, that The One only exist in The Matrix.....hahhahah..Well, i pray that she gonna find her man soon. I'm praying for mine too... :D (my woman yahhh)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

aku terkunci di luar..... grrrrr!!!

-aku terpaksa merempat smlm kerana terkunci di luar.
-wallet dgn segala kunci (termasuk kunci kereta) tertinggal di dalam rumah.
- rasa tension yg teramat sangat.
- kunci spare ada dgn kakak aku yg berada di London.
- satu lagi kunci spare ada dgn bapak aku di Kota Bharu.

Idea2 yg keluar utk mengatasi masalah ini
1. balik ke kelantan, duplicate kunci dan balik semula ke kl.
2. pecahkan mangga dan pecahkan pintu.
3. mintak bapak aku courier kunci spare and amik MC ari Isnin.
4. panggil 'lock master'.

aku choose option no 4 and it cost me RM180. RM70 utk buka satu kunci, RM70 x 2 (mangga dan kunci pintu) + RM30 (service charge... damnn!!). Anyway aku gembira sebab mangga dan tombol pintu tidak rosak dan aku rasa kagum jugak ada org boleh bukak pintu mcam tu, sebijik macam dlm cerita Hollywood.

si Lock Master tu berjaya bukak pintu rumah aku dlm masa 10 minit!!

jadi kepada sesiapa yg terkunci di luar, silalah telefon Lock Master ini utk mendapatkan perkhidmatannya 0163857580.

*ini bukan bertujuan mempromosikan Lock Master ini, tapi sekadar membantu sesiapa yg akan bernasib malang!

Monday, May 21, 2007



best shot out of 500 shots.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lok Ching

i arrived home from work at 6.45. it was after i had a glass of teh tarik with Akhmal at Pelita Jln Ampang. i had no mood to work, holiday syndrome still in the air. there was meeting in the morning and it went very well, on the afternoon there was some briefing about Flexible Work Hours. it was a good session, letting us (the employees) knows what constitute the flexi hours and what not. although it seems that all the examples focus more on those with families issues, hey what about a single person, don't they also have issue??

anyway, when i reached my apartment, i saw this old man selling something on the back of his kapchai. at first i thought he was ice cream or rojak peddler, but as i approached him, i smelled a sensation that i had missed for a long long time. it smells like a barbeque but not quite the same, a little more like ikan bakar but with more aromatic feeling. the smell of the item and the charcoal burning, bring me back to the good old time of my childhood.

it was a very famous snack for kids in Kelantan. i couldn't find this thing at any other areas, maybe it wasn't sold there or maybe i didn't looked enough. but today its here in KL. this thing is called Lok Ching.

funny names but don't ask me how did it get the name. as far as i'm concern everyone in Kelantan called it Lok Ching.

It come with two flavor of sauces, pedas and manis. normally people would just mixed it and called campur. just like McD ice cream, the choc and the vanilla.

here is the photo of Lok Ching or whatever name your call it out there. :D

me now flickr compatible

check out my flickr site.

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pukul gambar = dialect used by kelantanese, which means snap photos.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sunset at Tanjung Harapan, Klang

1/80s | f/5.6 | ISO 200 | 50mm
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Genting....proving ground for my D80

Menuju ke puncak kejayaan versi 1.

"adik, belajar rajin2 ye, besar nanti jgn jadi
penari macam kakak."

Extreme French Kiss.


Silver lining.


Very satisfied with the bokeh.

The Alien has landed.

Menuju puncak kejayaan versi 2.

Keto lipang.

I've been thinking whether it is good ideas to upload my photos here in the blogs. I noticed that the blog always attempt to load everything when the page start, and i have more photos here, the lagging will be significant and the viewer will be frustrated.

Maybe i should look at other dedicated photo sharing websites like flickr or photopages.

hmmmm....... good ideas though.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I once had a dream

I had a dream
It was a long time ago
I type it down on this blog

Day after day
Month after month
Its still a dream that never faded from my senses

Not until today
Dream has become reality
I hold it in my hand
I squeeze it gently
I command it with my will

I'm happy

My view will never be the same again.... D80

*first series with this camera

underladder in cherating

geng2 underladder went to Cherating 2 weeks ago, on their first group vacation after we all graduate from UTP. It was a very fun reunion, just like when we use to lepak bawah tangga (hence come the name underladder).

Some photos from the trip, with my loyal Sony W5 (perhaps the last series i took with this point and shoot camera)!!

Official emblem on the t-shirt

Tungkai during sporting event

Endangered species found on the beach

Life on the sand

"peruk sapo paling kepeh?"

cikgu besar sekoloh menengah kerteh 1

Farid's family minus 'endangered species'

Wedding Ayie

"apa pegang2.."

LordNabil with his D80 in action
lepas ni aku pun buleh buat)

Telur separuh masak 2 + roti bakar 1 set + kopi susu = kaww!!

"uh uh nate sedakk nyo"

Brokeback Mountain part II

Tarian Tepi Pantai part I

Tarian Tepi Pantai part II