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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Malaysia Today is!!

Salam to All,
As usual before i went to my 6 hours slumber, i would surf to Malaysia Today to get the latest alternative news of Malaysia.

RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin) the author or owner (which can't be legally proved by Malaysian Police Force) of this blog is a very talented story teller and even a not-so bad soothsayer. I enjoyed reading his articles and sensational news.

However, to my disappointment today, when i click the blog link in my favorite bookmarks, My Firefox (alternative browser) give me an error opening page. Demmit, this is the first time the site is down (as far as i'm aware). Is it a sign of trouble looming on the horizon for all the bloggers. Does the Evil Sauron has cast his dark Orcs and immortal Nazghul armies against the fellowship-of-the-blogger and the patriots of Malaysia. I hope not.

Or else the dark ages will soon shadowed this holy country.